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   Get Fit with Monica!

                     American College of Sports Medicine Certified
               Mobile Personal Training 

Online Personal Training

Is your schedule tight, but you need help with accountability?

Do you need someone to help you plan workouts on your own?

Do you want to do your workouts on your schedule and not the trainer's schedule?

Do you travel and need help with staying accountable while on the road?

Have you worked with trainers before and simply need some fine tuning & support to keep going?

 Don't live close to a gym or near enough for a one-on-one trainer?

Online training might be better for you!

Online Training Package

Optional Meeting on Skype or FaceTime once a week to check in--up to 30 minutes, this can be used to check exercise form etc...

Workout Program based on your specific needs

Clear Goals Set

Progression Plan as goals are met

Tracking using GPS apps for outdoor workouts

Tracking using Diet Plan App for eating

Access to Plan anytime online using Google Docs


Workout check in by text or email for each workout

Check in by phone minimum of once per month and max of once per week

Together we will create your specific plan that is designed for you! There is no one plan fits all here, it's designed with you in mind and can be changed when necessary.  This is the beauty of using a "real" person for your online training.


$145 per month, paid prior to each month

Payments accepted only through Venmo, or Apple Pay 
*PayPal accepted with their fee applied

You must have access to good Cell Phone coverage for this plan