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Get Fit With Monica!

Get Fit With Monica!

Private Personal Training 

Fitness Packages

Disclaimer:  *Results may vary and depend on client's individual commitment to exercise and diet

For more information about 1-time online plans, click on the Online Training tab. You can also find information for a standard Online Training Plan on the Online Training tab. 

For weekly, 1-on-1 online training sessions, the prices below apply since the sessions are conducted in real time, 1-on-1, but simply by video conferencing.

You are not just signing up to learn how to use weight equipment like one of the training packages at the gym, you are signing up to make a lifestyle change! Changes to diet; learning about intensity integration to your exercise; and implementation of exercise to your lifestyle are some of the processes used to help you reach your goal.  This, and much more with the help of an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.

Your training includes access via smartphone or desktop to detailed information about your body improvements and stats.  

Since you are more likely to succeed if you change your habits, the plans are priced to help you do this,  For example, it takes at least 6 months to a year for most people to truly incorporate lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.  With that in mind, the pricing is structured to cost less if you commit for 6 months minimum.

Once you sign on, the best results will be seen if you start out with at least 2 to 3 times per week. Since to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should get some exercise each day of the week.  To lose weight, you should get moderate to vigorous exercise at least 3 times per week...not to mention watching your diet and nutrition!

All exercise training sessions are 50 to 55 minutes and are designed to be used on a weekly basis (for pricing purposes) Sessions can be used more often depending on both client and trainer schedules for the week.  The idea is to help you reach your goals as quickly and as safely as possible! The schedule below is simply a guideline so there is a strong level of commitment to training. For a customized time frame longer than month-to-month, but less than the 6 mo. commitment, please contact me to see if there are any other plans that might fit your needs.

If you would like to use FaceTime or Skype for your private session, rates are the same, but simply conducted online.

Want to pay monthly?  Here are monthly rates:

3x  or more per week (12 sessions)...$612 per month

(approx. fifty $51 per hour)*

2x per week.(8 sessions)..$445 per month

(approx. fifty six per hour)*

1x per week (4 sessions)...$240 per month

(approx. sixty per hour)*

Max. Weight Loss Plan (6 Month Commitment Plans & Best $ value):

3x per week. This plan is used for those who have a strong goal to achieve and want to work 3x (or more) per week (72 sessions)....$3,456 (72 Sessions must be used within 6 mo.)

(approx. forty eight per hour)*

Max Weight Loss Plan #2 

2x Per week  (48 sessions)....$2,352 (48 sessions must be used within 6 months)

(approx. forty nine per hour)*

Keep Me Working Out Plan! (For people who will work out on their own, but need someone to keep them on track)

1x Per week (24 sessions)...$1,300 (24 sessions must be used within 6 months)

(approx. $54 per hour)*


Nutrition Health Advice Plan ($300 one time fee)*

  • In-home Diet Assessment Plan
  • Field Trip to Grocery Store to buy
  • Preparation Assistance for first meals on plan
  • One month of phone or email assistance with questions on your new plan

*24 hour notice required for cancellations/re-schedules or there will be a session charge. If prepaid sessions on the 6 month plan are not used by an established time period between client and trainer the sessions will be lost. REFUND POLICY: After the first session is used, no refunds available. 

For group fitness rates, please click on the Group Fitness tab above

See the Online Training tab for economic savings plans without weekly FaceTime or Skype