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Get Fit With Monica!

Get Fit With Monica!

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Eat Right for Your Gene Type/Plant Based Diets

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Are you eating the right foods for weight loss?

Everyone has a unique genetic code that makes them different.  For instance, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) can vary substantially between individuals.  RMR can depend on differences in genetics, muscle mass, gender, and age. Knowing if your gene variant is either diminished or enhanced could make a significant difference in the amount of calories you should consume a day. Should you test your RMR regularly?  If you know you are at risk genetically, it might be a good idea to see if your current exercise plan is working to help raise your metabolism.

What about nutrient absorption?

Your ability to absorb nutrients can affect both diet and exercise.

Do you have the gene for power?

Do you have the gene for endurance?

What about both?

An example would be the gene for power and strength which is the ACTN3 gene. If you possess the CC variant of this gene, you may have a genetic advantage to excel in strength based activities. Those with the TC variant have a slightly enhanced power AND strength potential.
As an authorized provider of Nutrigenomix, state-of-the-art genetic testing procedures are used to analyze the DNA from your saliva sample.  Based on your results, we will recommend a series of nutrition and fitness recommendations that are aligned with your genetic profile. Changing your environment is key to how you deal with your pre-disposition. YOU ARE NOT DOOMED TO YOUR GENES!

This comprehensive genetic test consists of a panel of 45 genetic markers that allow us to provide you with personalized nutrition advice and physical activity recommendations tailored to your DNA. This test can help you determine how you respond to key components of your diet as well as physical activity. The results of this test can impact weight loss & body composition, nutrient metabolism, heart health, food intolerances, and eating habits. The test also provides you with information related to the relationship between your genes and athletic performance & injury risk. Your test results are presented in a customized report, which includes dietary and physical activity recommendations based on your individual genetic profile.

For rates for regular fitness training without DNA testing, click on the "Rates and Services" button above.  DNA testing may not be for everyone and we can still customize a plan without genetic testing!

$375 Paid at time of saliva collection. Cash, check, or Pay-Pal
Call for an appointment your saliva sample. You will receive your comprehensive genetic test summary PDF file in your email in 3 to 4 weeks.  Once you have reviewed your report, you can call Monica with further questions. 

With all plans, as new discoveries in the field of nutrigenomics are made, you will have the opportunity to access this information to further fine-tune your personalized nutrition and fitness plan as your saliva will be kept by the lab for future tests.
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