Monica Monica Monica at AR Track Had a client (Kris)snap this photo. We were working on the stairs. Her times on her runs (by the way) have improved from not being able to run for 5 minutes to being able to run on average 7 miles, with the occasional 10 miler thrown in! On a few runs she has been at about an 8.2 minute mile! Quite an improvement! 131463530 Monica unloading the van 131463531 On a mountain bike ride... Sweating and dirty, but willing to pose! 131463532 Mountain bike ride again... This is a beautiful trail in the bay area called Corte Madera trail. It is on the Pennisula side on Skyline Blvd. 131463533 Dipsea Trail Hike Dipsea Trail is from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach 7.50 miles one way with lots of climbing! 131463901 Folsom Style Magazine Article photo 149911395 Emigrant Trail (aka Smiley Trail) 158787119 185260799