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Mental Skills for a Better Body

Posted on January 7, 2012 at 2:25 AM

Doing some mental and emotional exercise before you start an exercise program will help to insure success with your exercise program. It can be as simple as committing to reading something inspirational everyday then trying to acquire a deeper understanding of your weaknesses and strengths.


For a deeper understanding of what may or may not be holding you back, it is a good idea to pay attention to your body. Being physically fit depends on listening to your body, and sometimes we do not realize how much we internalize our emotional and mental anguish which externalizes itself in our bodies. Sometimes, but not always, it is through weight gain or simply weakness in the body.


You can feel all things internalized if you pay attention to your body. When you experience upset of any kind, where do you feel your pain? Is it in the so called "pit of your stomach"? Is it the pervasive "pain in the neck"? Is it that inescapable "lump in your throat"? If you pay attention, you will notice that most of the time it appears in certain places in your body.


THIS is your internal gauge; the feeling in your body. It can be your friend or foe. If it is your foe, and you ignore the internal gauge, it can manifest in various forms. Eating to placate the "pit in the stomach" possibly resulting in weight gain or other stomach problems. The "pain in the neck" could result in neck and shoulder injuries, stiffness, hunching of shoulders etc... . The "lump in the throat" leads to sore throats which can sometimes translate to a decreased immune system, or other throat  related disorders. 


Ultimately, most doctors don't know exactly what causes many of the conditions that affect people.  However, someone who is in touch with their body may have a good idea that internalizing emotions does affect the body.


Your internal gauge can also be your friend. Once you have decided where your internalized pain manifests in your body, start to notice whenever you feel it. If possible, try to take a few moments to yourself even if you have to excuse yourself to the bathroom. Sit in repose for a few moments and concentrate on the place where the pain is manifesting.


First, take some deep, diaphragmatic breaths. Second, visualize light and energy toward that area. Then begin to see solutions to whatever it is that caused the upset. They can be complete fantasies; something that could never happen! The most important thing is that you feel the weight of the problem disappear with that solution/fantasy and a lifting of the pain. Even if it is only for 5 minutes, make yourself believe the problem has been solved. This feeling that comes with that fantasy is what you want to try and cultivate in your body. It is not really whatever you are thinking about, but the "feeling" that comes with what you are thinking about and aligning yourself with this feeling.


Do not be mistaken; this is not an easy mental exercise! You may have to practice this exercise 100 times more than it would take you to get good at push-ups! Be vigilant! In fact, probably the best test for this exercise IS when you are in the midst of turmoil. If you can feel good for five minutes in the midst of the problem, you are on the right track! 


For example, my own personal internal gauge is the "lump in the throat" scenario. Long before my marriage failed, I felt a lingering pain in my throat. I even told my best friend that I seemed to have a pain in my throat all the time! There were many things in my life that were going on, but I was ignoring them and it manifested itself in my throat. It took me years to make this connection!


This lump still appears whenever turmoil happens. It usually appears even before I know something is wrong. However, now, once I feel this, I start to pay attention, and usually find the source by paying attention to what I am thinking about when I feel the pain. I don't always correct whatever it is right away, but at least I know I am on the road to fixing it.  When I am on the right track, I feel this beautiful clearing in my throat that comes from a force greater than myself.


The more you cultivate how your body responds to emotional turmoil, the better your understanding of your body. With this understanding comes the aid of forces that cannot be comprehended.


When it comes to your body, it is of the utmost importance that you keep your mental and emotional well being in tact. Stabilize the events and foundation of your life so that you can build the body that will become your vehicle for change in whatever you choose to do with your life!

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