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   Get Fit with Monica!

Private Personal Training & Mobile Personal Training 
American College of Sports Medicine Certified 

Want a group fitness class? Build your own class with your friends, family, or co-workers! Monica is a certified American College of Sports Medicine personal trainer and has worked with various levels of individuals including, weight loss, on-site office gyms, seniors, and special needs. 

Get Fit with Monica can provide a class at your building, gym, American River College, or a nearby park. Meet at the location of your choice, or different locations to keep it interesting!

Don't have buddies to work with?  No problem, click on the "Contact Us' button and send your name, contact number, fitness level, and preferred times and locations for possible group fitness.  If a class forms with your specifications, Monica can match you with an appropriate class.

Try building a Customized Fitness Group/Accountability Group. See below...

Below are prices for each individual:

ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP: $28 per person for one class, minimum 3 people.
Monica will provide a fitness routine for your group & ideas on keeping each other accountable. The class includes: 
Ideas/discussions on implementing accountability to the group, where to begin, when to advance, the actual workout, and other customizations as requested by group. The group will receive written instructions with a Google Shared Document for each of the group members and includes follow up from Monica to check in on results.

$20 per person, for 3-7 people, 4 session minimum sign-up
$10 per person, for 8 or more, 4 session minimum, 4 session minimum sign-up
Please call or contact through the above "Contact Us" button if you would like training for private group sessions at your office, or another specific location.

Check out a couple of the videos below to see some workouts from American River College.